Tips: How to Use a Loofah Sponge to Firm up your Skin

Today, we are offering a beauty tip to smooth and firm up your skin as well as promote good blood circulation.

"loofah sponge"

French women love their “gant de crin” (horsehair glove) , a beauty secret passed from grandmas to mothers and daughters.  Although a “gant de crin” can be found in any supermarket in France, I have not been able to find any in the US.  But you can find its vegetable fiber equivalent, the loofah sponge.  Having used both, in fact, I prefer the loofah sponge.  Loofah sponges are less harsh on your skin and can be used in the shower whereas the “gant de crin” should be used on dry skin only.   Some say that it also reduces cellulite but I have not noticed that!

Art of the Home Tips:

  • For dry brushing: after your shower, while your skin is still a bit humid, gently massage your skin with your loofah sponge in small circular motions.  You can start at your feet and move up towards your heart.  Do the same thing with your arms starting from you hands.
  • For wet brushing: after you’re done washing up in the shower or bath, use the same technique as with dry brushing.  It is important to squeeze your loofah sponge after use and to hang it so any excess moisture dries off.
  • Whether you do a dry or wet brushing, to avoid skin irritation, brushing twice a week is enough.
  • Change your loofah every year.

Combine a loofah scrub with our 5 steps morning routine and you’re set to enjoy a great day!