Tips: How to Use Lavender Oil to Help You Sleep Better

Recently, we talked about how we can use lavender herbal tea to get rid of stress.  Today, let’s discuss another one of lavender’s many virtues — helping us sleep.   Check out our Art of the Home tip and get a well deserved good night sleep with lavender.  You may even travel to Provence in your dreams!

"lavender oil to sleep better"

Art of the Home Tip —  To enjoy a good night rest, simply put a few drops of essential lavender oil on your pillow case or on a piece of fabric (or cloth tissue) placed on your pillow.   Another technic used by spas and beauty institutes is to spray pillow cases using a spray bottle filled with spring water and a few drops of the essential lavender oil.  Now you are ready for a relaxing and peaceful night of sleep — faites de beaux rêves (sweet dreams).



  1. Alice Harper says:

    where do you purchase lavender oil?

  2. Art of the Home says:

    Bonjour Alice. You can find essential lavender oil in the health aisle of your grocery store (where they have vitamin supplements, premium lotions and such). You can also buy them online at — their best rated ones are by Plantlife and Eden Gardens. I like to get the AOC Lavender Essential Oil by L’Occitane which you can also get online or at a retail L’Occitane store if you have one in your area. Hope this helps and thank you for your question.