Art of the Table: Beautiful Napkin Folding Technique

There are many ways to make your table inviting. Having beautifully folded napkins is one simple way to set the ambiance. You can do this for special occasions but also for simple weekend meals — a great way to make having lunch and dinner together a special rendez-vous. Feel free to include children and grandchildren, they are used to folding and crafting at school — it is never too early to start enjoying the pleasure of the table (which includes setting the table!)

"napkin folding technique"

Today we are looking at how to fold a napkin into a flower.  What you will need are square napkins. If you are using cloth napkins (preferable), it should have been ironed ahead of time and folded (the fold will guide you). So let’s get started:

Art of the Home suggestion:

  • If you are planning on giving a gift, you can place the gift at the center of the flower. You can also include a small fruit (to be eaten as dessert at the end of the meal for example) such as a pear or clementine.
  • And here is how they do it at the Parisian restaurant “Le Jules Verne” in the Eiffel Tower, 125 meters above Paris…