4 Beauty Secrets to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Did you know that neglecting your neck can actually make you look older than you really are?  The neck is a very fragile area of our body.  Often, even when we are diligent about skincare for our face, we forget about this beautiful part of our anatomy that holds our head up high.  Fortunately, there are four simple steps you can take to cherish your neck.  These easy steps will go a long way to minimize neck wrinkles and wrinkles on your neckline (décolleté) — your neck will look beautiful and you’ll get a younger look at the same time!


4 Beauty Secrets to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

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4 Beauty Secrets to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

To minimize neck wrinkles and give a younger look to your neckline, check below for Art of the Home 4 beauty secrets to prevent neck wrinkles.  Feel free to pass it along, especially to daughters and granddaughters, this is a great practice to start young.

Art of the Home Beauty Tips:

4 Beauty Secrets to Prevent Neck Wrinkles


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Last but not least!  Wash your Face, Neck and Upper Chest Area Last: shampoos and conditioners can leave residue on our face and neck so it is better to take a shower first and then wash your face and neck.  If you wash your face in the shower, that’s fine too, simply wash your face and neck just before you are done showering.  And don’t forget Step 6 of a French woman morning routine that will put sunshine in your day!

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Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: did you know that the skin of the neck is much thinner and has a different collagen content than our face?   Your neck and neckline need TLC just like your face does so be sure to include them as part of your facial care routine (cleaning, moisturizing, sunscreen, etc.)

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Moisturize Before using the Blow-dryer: apply skincare creams to your face and neck before you start blow-drying your hair.  The blow-dryer not only dries your hair but your skin as well so that moisturizer will protect your face and neck against the damaging heat.

  • Beauty Secret to Prevent Neck Wrinkles #4

Use your Scarf WiselyIt is no secret that French women love their scarves!  Scarves are chic accessories to any outfit during all seasons but a beautiful scarf can be a great weapon against the elements as well.  Scarves are also cheaper than expensive miracle neck creams so use them wisely to protect your neck and neckline against overexposure to sun rays or cold weather!



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