3 Easy Colorful French Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

Looking for some colorful side dishes for your Thanksgiving feast?  You may enjoy these favorite Art of the Home French side dish recipes, all three prepared in less than 5 minutes!  So check below for 3 side dish ideas to consider for your Thanksgiving meal with preparation time, cooking time, a grocery list, etc.  For your information, when available at the boutique, we also added the cookware and cooking utensils we used.  And as always with Art of the Home detailed recipes, Art of the Home suggestions are included.  These dishes can also be made ahead and warmed up if needed — a big plus for a low stress Thanksgiving day.  Bon appétit!

3 Easy Colorful French Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

So on the thanksgiving menu, we have three selections to choose from:

Side Dish #1 –  Green, Yellow, and Healthy
Braised Green and Wax Beans (Haricots Verts et Haricots Beurre Braisés)
Side Dish #2: Orange and Creamy
Braised Carrots with Cream (Carottes à la Crème)
Side Dish #3:  Rustic and Old Fashion
Gratin Dauphinois

Any of these dishes would be great company for a Thanksgiving turkey.  Enjoy!

3 Easy Colorful French Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Recipe #1Braised Green and Wax Beans
 Braised French Beans and Wax Beans
Thanksgiving Recipe #2: Braised Carrots with Cream (Carottes à la Crème)
Braised Carrots in Cream 
Thanksgiving Recipe #3: Gratin Dauphinois
 Gratin Dauphinois



  1. Maria Pavlis says:

    Would love to try Gratin Dauphinois. What size casserole dish would I need?

  2. Maria, any gratin dish big enough for your 2 lb potatoes would work. Typically, we use either our 3 qt Le Creuset oval gratin dish (we will be adding it to the boutique shortly) or another 3 qt stoneware ovenproof dish we love that looks pretty on the table. The key is that the sides of your gratin dish are not too high (about 2-3 inches is good) so your gratin can be crispy on top. If you have a rectangular dish, we would say about 12×9 inches dimensions would work. But again, as long as you have an ovenproof dish/pan that can fit your potatoes with sides that are not too high, you’re good to go. Thank you for your question. Enjoy and bon appétit!